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July 21, 2010


Although a Division 3 High School, this experience just was not all about tennis.  Mia played with the most caring and most considerate group of girls that I’ve ever seen.  Even though some of the losses seem to get you because of course you always want to win.  Some day’s it really did not matter.  I observed every meet and noticed how positive each and everyone of these teammates were.  They cheered, laughed, clapped and never once did they get down of themselves or their teammates.

Mia played the one girl and ended the season 9-0.  But that was not the best part.  Even making it to counties and winning the 1st round was the best part.  Mia went on to the second round to face a girl who was four years older and from a Division 1 H.S. from Garden City. It was 7-7 until this young lady started pulling some antics on my daughter because the thought of her losing to a 12 year old in front of her teammates and family would be to much to handle.  My daughter lost the match 10-7, but my daughter understood that day that this girl was just another practice match. She needed to focus even more on her future as a tennis player.

The Herricks Team ended with a 4-8 record, but I will tell you the very best part of the whole experience was how she was embraced by the other players and her coach.  Mia enjoyed mote then anything the bus rides to the matches and sitting and talking with some of the players.  The team captains made her feel at home and for once as a parent my guard was down.  On a whole we have the best, grounded and well rounded children, not only in tennis but in our High School and district. 

I am so proud of all of them and look forward to next year.  And for the players leaving us for bigger and better things remember always “HARD WORK BEATS TALENT, WHEN TALENT DOESN’T WORK, WORK HARD”

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